Activity Monitor Removal Tool

Activity Monitor Removal Tool 1.0

Will search your PC for Activity Monitor and ask you to pay for their deletion
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Activity Monitor Removal Tool is a program that will search your PC for Activity Monitor, and will remove the application once it finds it. Activity Monitor is a malware utility that records every key that you press in your system, records every URL that you visit with your browser, take snapshots of your computer and sends this information when you are connected to Internet.

Activity Monitor Removal Tool will scan your entire system in order to find and delete every Activity Monitor entry in it. It will also check that there are no any malicious process running. This program will take a lot of time to scan all your system; I did some tests when I was writing this review, and the program took two hours to finish the scanning. If it finds something, it will show you the list of files that are infected with malware, or that are suspected to be malicious software. The bad news is that the actual removal of those entities is done on a pay-per-solution basis, so you have to pay before the program will actually fix anything.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It scans your system thoroughly


  • The demo version does not fix anything, you have to pay for the removal of Activity Monitor entities
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